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Resale Certificate for Title Transfer

As a homeowner, you will need to obtain a Resale Certificate from the Turnagain View Estates Homeowners Association (TVEHA) prior to the closing of the sale of your house.

The TVEHA has a permanent lien against all members of the association, which is used to make sure all dues, late fees, and assessments/fines are paid.

The Resale Certificate specifies your property description, the annual dues ($96), any assessments (usually none), and any amount owed to the TVEHA.

We charge a $200 fee to cover our costs of providing this information. TVEHA generally is paid at closing. You will also need to obtain a Resale Certificate if you refinance your mortgage. TVEHA charges up to $50 for each refinance.

Please contact TVEHA by email for Resale Certificates.

When a sale is in progress please provide us with:

  1. Your (Seller's) name, address and contact info (email and phone)
  2. Buyer's name and contact info
  3. Title Agency and contact info (closing agent, phone, email)

Please allow up to 10 days after information is provided with the request.

Any questions about this process can also be directed to Barkley Lloyd, TVEHA VP, at (907) 317-0915.

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