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TVEHA Bylaws

The Board of Directors approved the Amended By-Laws at its August 21, 2012 meeting. The changes were in line with the draft changes that had been posted on the website since January, 2012. As previously stated, the changes have been made to clarify the structure of homeowners meetings.

Draft amended and restated bylaws have been posted with the Board Meeting minutes from the January 22, 2012 board meeting.

The Original Bylaws [pdf] of Turnagain View Estates Homeowners Association, Inc., were adopted April 25, 1994.


Declaration of Covenants, Conditions,and Restrictions [pdf] was recorded January 18, 1995.

An Annexation Amendment [pdf] to the CCR was recorded January 26, 2006.

Cow Moose and 2 calves, Eastwind Drive, TVE, Anchorage

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